Kimterior – mentor & marketing advice for interior businesses

Kimterior provides marketing advice for interior businesses.

Do you own an interior business? And would you like a profitable marketing strategy?

Kimterior helps interior businesses with:

✔ An Instagram & content strategy that allows you to reach your goals effortlessly

✔ A profitable marketing strategy that suits you and generates customers

✔ A clear marketing plan defining which channels are relevant to your interior business and how best to use them

✔ The correct positioning of your interior company, so that you distinguish yourself from the many others in the industry.

Sounds good? Let’s discuss in a call how we can make this happen for your interior business

“Starting Ivyosa as a side business, taught me a lot about building a brand from scratch. Besides that, working on Ivyosa also made me realize how much I love growing a business, especially in the interior industry.

That gave me the idea to combine my 2 greatest passions, interior & marketing.
The result is Kimterior. I mentor and provide marketing advice for interior businesses. Together we establish a profitable marketing strategy resulting in more reach and customers.”

– Kim, founder of Kimterior & Ivyosa

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