Minimalist home and Christmas decorations: tips from @created.bypaula

Would you like minimalist Christmas decorations this year? In this Interior Interview, Paula from @created.bypaula shares her tips on how to keep it minimal, but still cozy and Christmassy. She also shares her go-to shops for decorations and her top styling tips to help you out this season.

What’s the story behind your account?

I started this account when we moved into our new home. I loved all the inspiring accounts on Instagram while searching for inspiration for our new apartment, so I thought “why not start my own account?”. Then I did it, which I’m very happy about. I can finally share one or even two passions of mine, because my account isn’t just about interior but also about my art.

I really like your minimalist Christmas decorations! What are your tips for others who also want to keep it minimal this year?

I think I can give three tips when it comes to minimalist Christmas decorations.
1. I don’t have a huge Christmas tree, but to add some Christmas vibes I used a big vase + some branches from the woods and paper stars. In my opinion, this is the perfect minimal and modern alternative for a Christmas tree.
2. Use lights, like candles or some fairy lights. Just don’t hang them everywhere. Lights can make a really cozy feeling in a room, which is not only perfect for Christmas, but also for the whole winter season.
3. I love to make an advent wreath every year, but unlike the standard one (with the red candles and the circle shape).I like to keep this simple too, so I use white candles, some fir branches and small white Christmas balls – and that’s it!

Where do you find nice home decorations?

My go-to shops where I always find something when I’m in the city are definitely Sostrene Grene (very affordable and they have painting stuff too, which is pretty cool!), H&M Home and Depot. Besides that, I also love to scroll through online shops like Westwing and Jotex to find inspiration (and to buy something haha).

What are your best interior styling tips?

Here are my top 3 styling tips:

1. Keep it simple with colors. I love to use some colors, but don’t mix everything.
2. Don’t overload your room. When it comes to minimalist home decor, the motto “less is more” is very accurate. For example, I love flowers, but the room looked very full when I bought too much of them.
3. I love to build groups of decoration elements on shelves or something similar. About 3 items per group looks very good. It makes it look very clean and well arranged.

However, I also want to say, that decorating is something very personal and if you like to mix every color or have your room full of decorations, that’s totally fine too!

What gives you interior inspiration?

I find inspiration for my interior everywhere, but Instagram is definitely the platform where I get the most inspiration from. I LOVE accounts like @evas.interior and @homebymaddy, but also many smaller accounts. I also love Pinterest for inspiration and to collect photos for moodboards.

Would you like to stay updated on Paula’s minimalist Christmas and home decorations? Follow her on Instagram @created.bypaula

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