DIY home decor for beginners: tips from @homebytittiamanda

From designer lamps to coffee tables, Amanda from @homebytittiamanda makes them herself. Plus, she shares how she makes these home decor items through DIY home decor videos on Instagram. Amazing, right? Watching the videos also makes you want to get started, as she makes it look so easy! Read further to find out Amanda’s DIY home decor for beginners tips.

What’s the story behind your account?

I’m on parental leave and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next in life. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and run my own company later in life. I thought I’d combine that with one of my biggest interests in life; interior design. Just about one year ago, I started my account and continued with it. 

Your warm minimalistic style is very beautiful! What are your tips for creating such an interior?

Thank you so much! Firstly, I like to mix things that have the same type of feeling but use different materials. For instance, the natural feeling of stone combined with wooden elements I really use a lot. This styling technique is important to me and I always keep that in mind whether I’m renovating walls, floors or styling a table. Also, I try to minimize things in my life. However, I often struggle with decluttering my home. 

The DIY videos are also very cool. What are your DIY home decor tips for beginners?

My advice would be to firstly look for inspiration (I do a lot of Pinterest scrolling for this), secondly write or draw the idea with all materials you might need, thirdly plan a specific day to get all the materials etc. (this is the hard part for me since I have very little time and small kids so planning is key). Lastly, plan a day or however long you might need where you just do it. If you feel like you’re new at for instance using a different machine, search for how-to guides when you’re at the second step (idea-planning). There is so much information out there so Google and YouTube can be very helpful!

What are the must-haves to be able to start with DIY?

Depending on what type of project you want to do, building projects mean more tools while decor projects mean more specialized materials. The tools I find myself always reaching for are the jigsaw and orbital sander. Painting tools are good to have, and maybe three different colors of sustainable paint (I always have brown, white, and black at home). The material I have at home for different projects is wall-filling, screws, and glue. 

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?

I find my inspiration everywhere, in nature as well as on Pinterest, Instagram and from different design icons. The beautiful thing about DIYs is that you might crave something expensive and hard to get, but if you trust yourself and the process you can make it in an inexpensive way.

What gives you inspiration for your interior?

Inspiration for my interior I get from nature (you can literally find so much decoration just by walking through forests and beaches), and Pinterest and Instagram. My top accounts to follow on Instagram that have inspired me a lot are @paigepettitdesign, @evas.interior, @jess.fernandopulle and @mstashy.

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