House cleaning hacks from @thuisbijmij that will make your life easier

Ellie from @thuisbijmij shares content that is not only useful but also funny! For her concept #tipvanellie she shares interior styling as well as housekeeping tips that make your life easier. In this Interior Interview, she tells the story behind her account and her house cleaning hacks.

What’s the story behind your account?

My first post was about a new watch I got at that time. I didn’t know Instagram at all or what exactly its purpose was. I slowly started following people, mainly interior accounts. Then, I started posting interior content myself and I still do to this day. Later on, I added some recurring themes to my posts, such as ‘Tip from Ellie’. I like to alternate that with funny videos that other people can relate to.

Your home always looks perfectly tidy! How do you keep it so clean?

Most importantly, if you’ve used something, always put it back in its original place. My second tip: do the big jobs, such as cleaning the bathroom, at the beginning of the week, so you immediately get rid of that.

What are your house cleaning hacks?

I make my own detergent that I can use for a lot of things. I clean furniture, the bathroom, and the taps with it. If you have stainless steel equipment at home, such as an extractor hood or refrigerator, you can get easily make it shiny again with oil (olive oil, sunflower oil or baby oil).

In terms of interior design, is there anything that we can pay attention to that makes it easier to keep it clean?

Yes, avoid a black or dark kitchen as well as furniture if you don’t like dust or stains. Anything is visible on dark materials, so that’s exactly why I chose a light kitchen.

Where do you find inspiration?

There are many Instagram accounts that I get inspiration from. For example, @myhomeofzodiac, @annehome14 and @washplate inspire me. A few accounts that I like often post DIY, which makes you want to get started yourself.

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