Minimalist interior: tips from @fiona_interieur that work for every home

The interior of @fiona_interieur is minimalistic, but it still looks cozy. In this Interior Interview, she shares how she has achieved that warm, minimalist look. Plus, her tips on decorating an interior in a more minimalistic way, work for every home.

What is the story behind your account?

Since a young age, I’ve been interested in interior design. For example, I drew floor plans on squared paper and (re)created houses in The Sims. When we got our first house in 2015, I started with my Instagram account. I took the first pictures of our Scandinavian interior at the time and posted them on Instagram. As a result, I met other interior enthusiasts and gained inspiration. It has really become a hobby. I also hope to be able to inspire others with our interior.

How would you describe your interior style?

I think the Japandi style fits best with our interior. A light minimalist base with many natural colors, materials, and shapes. But also the contract between light and dark and wood on wood.

Your interior has mainly neutral colors, but it’s certainly not boring! How did you achieve that?

An interior is made more exciting by adding different (natural) colors, materials, and textures. The latter is especially important. By using different textures you create depth and add contrast to your interior.

What are your tips to create a minimalist interior?

It’s actually kind of a process for me. In the past, I often bought stuff that I quickly got tired of. Now I think longer before I buy something and I prefer to save a little longer for it. When I see something beautiful, often online, I first put it on a mood board. I check whether items look nice together and whether I still like them after a few days, sometimes weeks. If so, I buy it and style it in my interior until I like it. It’s mainly the art of choosing the right items, which takes time. Some corners are still quite empty, but that will be fine.

Even at your kitchen counter, there are not many items placed. How did you create such a clean look in the kitchen?

The kitchen is not that big, so I want to keep enough workspace. I first checked what the essential items are. For example, the ladles and kitchen roll should be within reach. I complement the rest with smaller items, such as beautiful mugs, storage jars, and cutting boards. The less beautiful things are hidden behind doors and in drawers. However, because of the size of the kitchen, everything is within reach.

Where do you find inspiration?

I mainly find inspiration on Pinterest, home magazines, shops, and of course Instagram. Accounts I like to follow are: @styleandsugar, @cynterior_designs, @charisathome, @deontwerpboer, @thehomerebel, @casagitane, @annemariewonen, and many more accounts!

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