How to make more sustainable interior design choices

Not only in fashion but also in the interior design industry there is a lot of waste. When a decoration is not trendy anymore we easily throw it away. Monique from @miss_terieur tries to avoid that by having a more neutral and timeless interior. In this Interior Interview she shares what she has done to make her interior more sustainable. Monique also gives simple tips on how you can make more sustainable interior choices too.

What is the story behind your account?

A few years ago I started to share photos of my interior. Before that, I only sometimes posted about my personal life. I had completed a communication study and wanted to make more content. At the time I couldn’t do that at my job, so I thought ‘I’m just going to do it myself’ by creating content about a topic I absolutely love. I was already reading many blogs and books about interior design and styling. It’s just a topic that I love to work with. On Instagram, I also really enjoy the contact with other people that are passionate about interior design. Because to be honest: in my circle of friends and acquaintances I don’t have that many interior enthusiasts. I simply want to inspire, but also motivate others to make more sustainable interior choices.

Why do you think sustainability at home is important?

In fact, sustainability should be fully embedded into our daily lives, as something that is considered automatically. Anyway, I try to start with myself. I love new finds for my interior, and I really try to purchase them in the most sustainable way possible. For example, I reuse or repair something or give it a new beautiful place. Plus, I always aim to choose brands that focus on sustainability. I can’t deny that I sometimes worry about how the world looks these days. It’s important that we try to pass on the planet to future generations in a good way. A healthy living environment should be much more important than money.

What are your tips for others who also want a more sustainable interior?

I like nothing better than working on interior design, because I can fully express my creativity. There are always tons of ideas in my head, so I try to directly picture them in a mood board. That prevents nonsense purchases that often do not fit with the full picture. It also helps you to only purchase essentials. Besides that, I shop at brands of which I know that produce in a sustainable way. Of course I also regularly visit the thrift shop or check on Marktplaats. Then, I renovate the items, which gives them a nice new function.

What do you pay attention to when buying interior items?

I pay attention to the materials. For example, bamboo is a beautiful natural product that is not so harmful for the nature. I prefer to buy products made from such sustainable materials like bamboo, linen, wood, and organic cotton. Besides that, I research as far as possible how and where the item is produced. For instance, whether the wood is harvested sustainably and whether the people who made it received a fair wage. Try to avoid products from countries where you know that it is not produced under the best conditions.

Do you have any other tips for making a home more sustainable?

In addition to everything that’s inside the house, I’m also looking at how the house itself meets sustainable requirements as much as possible. The government really encourages us to get started by providing great subsidies. Really make use of them! Just put Google to work and discover everything that can be done for your home. There’s so much more possible than you think.

Where do you find inspiration?

I really find inspiration at the weirdest moments. When I walk through a certain environment I can suddenly get the best ideas. Especially a new environment, such as on holidays, is a place for new ideas for me. Instagram also has wonderful feeds to follow. There are many, I can’t name them all, but here are a few highlighted: @femkebuningh @japandiinterior @stephanievanvuuren @missjettle @mamoesjka @huisengrietje @huisjevannatascha @elleinterieur @suite_suitezandvoort @plumandplay @headofswans

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