Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2022: the trend guide

Looking for a change in your interior? Get ready for this season with the Ivyosa trend guide Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2022. With this guide, you will know exactly which trend colors to use and how to combine them. Get inspired by the trending interior styles as spotted on Instagram, and discover how to apply them to your own interior. For the finishing touch, discover the designs and shapes of this moment. Easily add them to your home with the provided ‘shop the trend’ lists.

The trend colors of this season


Instantly add more warmth to your interior with this color. Cognac does not only goes well with other shades of brown but also with strong colors. Opt for a couch in this color for a classic look.

Pinkish brown

This shade of brown is classy but stylish. It’s a real autumn-winter color. To add it to your home for this season, go for easily exchangeable items, such as ceramics like vases and cups.

Petite orchid

That summer is over, doesn’t mean that only dark colors are trendy. Petite orchid adds softness and a flowery touch to your interior. It’s very suitable for fabrics, such as curtains, bedsheets, and cushions.

Grey purple

With this shade of purple, you can’t miss the mark. It’s not too bright and not too dark either. That makes it go well with more outspoken colors. Go for a print that contains the color or add it to a set of pillow cases.


Sage continues to be a very popular wall color. However, this season it’s spotted all across the room. From candles to ceramics: all kinds of accessories are trendy in sage.

Ocher yellow

Ocher yellow is bringing it back this season. For some sunshine, add this color to your home in the form of accessories.

The interior styles of this autumn winter


The Japandi interior style is already trendy for a while and continues to be popular this season. The style combines Japanese and Scandinavian interior design. Functional and nature-inspired designs from the Japanese style are mixed with comfortable and cozy designs from the Scandinavian style. To upgrade your Japandi interior this season, add the trend colors sage and cognac as they go well with the neutral base colors of the style. For a chic touch, read the Interior Interview with @cynterior_designs where she tells more about her Japandi chic interior.

Colorful Scandinavian

As the name suggests, it’s a more colorful version of the Scandinavian interior style. A lot of wooden furniture and soft materials are maintained. However, the neutral shades of the classic Scandinavian style are replaced by pastel shades and popping colors. Easily apply this look by adding colorful cushions, blankets and vases to your home. In the Interior Interview with @huisje.uit.het.noorden you will find more inspiration for a colorful Scandinavian interior.

Modern Retro

These days it’s becoming more and more popular to combine old with new items. It does not only look very stylish, but it’s also more sustainable as old items are given a new life. Easily create a modern retro look with old art prints, vintage cabinets and checked accessories. For more tips on how to mix vintage with new interior design, check out the Interior Interview with @wonenopnummer11.

The designs & shapes of this moment

Abstract designs

Nowadays, abstract design is not just seen in art pieces. It has also spread to the world of interior design. That results in very cool interior items, such as vases and candles with abstract designs.

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Smooth shapes

Furniture and accessories used to be mostly designed in classic and geometric shapes. That’s in the past, as smooth shapes are seen now in all shapes! From curvy couches wavy vases: smooth shapes are taking over interior design. What shape will you shop?

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Geometric designs

This is contrary to the previous trend, as geometric designs are straight and symmetric. That doesn’t make them less fun! Geometric designs can actually add more playfulness and dynamics to your interior. For example, a checked pillow adds more fun to a basic couch and a vertically striped carpet adds more depth to a room.

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