Easy interior design tips from interior stylist Irene

Irene from @noordenzoet_interieuradvies is a real styling expert. She does not only style interiors, but also outfits, and combines the best of both worlds from fashion and interior design. In this Interior Interview, Irene shares her best interior design tips and how you can easily restyle your home.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you do?

I’m a busy bee. I like to be busy with different things. As an interior stylist I give people advice at home. I help them find the right balance and a happy feeling in their interior. Besides that, I photograph products, both in my interior and elsewhere for small and large businesses. The products are often interior-related or have a sustainable environmentally friendly approach, which I also find very important. I’m also a blogger. I love to write articles for my blog about all kinds of topics related to interior and sustainability. Last but not least, I still work one day per week as a freelance stylist for Zalando, helping people to find a very nice outfit.

Living room with light grey couch with colorful cushions

So cool that you are an interior stylist! Where do you start when styling an interior?

The beginning is usually defining the basis. I always start with a nice color palette that fully fits with the customer’s style. After that we shape the interior further with more colors, designs, accessories, and personal items. Together with the customer, I also look at what we can still use from their personal items. Either by giving an item a new color or perhaps a completely different function. That’s one of my specialties: to first see if we can still use that old cabinet or table, and only if not to look for something new.

What are your interior design tips that others can easily apply to their interior?

Dare! Sometimes you just have go for it. Have you been hesitating for a long time to paint that wall or cabinet? Just do it! You immediately get such a different result and it can make you so happy. Another nice tip is that you don’t always have to buy a new vase or candlestick. Sometimes you can also get a tester paint pot, and paint the items in a new trendy color. That makes the accessories instantly new and gives you a completely different interior, in line with the latest trends.

Are you struggling with finding a base and balance in your interior? Make a mood board and identify the base colors. If you start with that, you will see that it is easier to add other colors afterwards. Hiring an interior stylist can also make the difference between feeling happy and less happy at home.

Before and after of garden room. Wooden table with black dining chair. White wooden table with light dining chair and a pink chair.
Before & after styling of the garden room

What are common mistakes when styling an interior?

Actually you can’t make mistakes in my opinion. If you feel happy at home then it’s always a good choice. If you really want to properly style your interior and you don’t know how, always ensure odd numbers. For example, place 3 candlesticks together. This automatically results in balance and peace of mind. It’s unwritten rule in interior styling land. Another tip is to make a mood board for yourself. Especially if you want to improve or renovate certain spaces. With mood board and color palette you will never end up with a bad buy.

What do you get inspiration from?

I get inspiration everywhere, especially from flowers and nature. I’ve noticed that lately I’m really using the colors from nature. For example, when I see a flower in a beautiful color I take out my color wheel to find the color. As a result, I have a new color on the wall or painted on a cupboard.

My favorite accounts are @_finntage, @thehome.and.thekid, @ensuus, @hkliving, @nin_nit and @zilverblauw. All of them have very colorful interiors, but are always very nicely balanced. I love it!

Do you sometimes get inspiration from fashion styling for interior styling and vice versa?

Yes, at first the fashion trends were a bit ahead of the interior trends, but these days it’s pretty much the same. I especially use fashion prints and color combinations for interior styling. A nice dress can then be placed next to my color wheel and out of that I make a beautiful color palette. This autumn, both fashion and interior trends are coming very close together. For example, you will see the metallic trend in both fashion and interior. Very cool!

Follow @noordenzoet_interieuradvies on Instagram or visit her blog www.noordenzoet.nl for more interior design tips.

Cupboard with art print frame and small vases with flowers. Garden sofa with green cushion and art print on the wall.

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