Japandi with a chic touch: the interior style of @cynterior_designs

Ever heard of the interior style Japandi chic? Probably not, because Cynthia from @cynterior_designs invented the style herself, and it’s beautiful! In this Interior Interview she shares more about the interior style and its origins: the Japandi style, which is very popular at the moment.

What’s the story behind your account?

I started my account during maternity leave when having my second son. He was born at the start of the pandemic. I got bored sitting alone at home and not being able to go anywhere. I always got questions about my DIY projects, so I decided to share them on Instagram. It gave me the courage to look for a new-built house. Now I share everything about our new house on Instagram. It’s kind of a hobby that got out of hand.

You describe your style as ‘Japandi-chic’. Can you tell a bit more about the style?

I like a lot of interior styles, but if I would apply all of them to our house, it becomes a mess. I went looking for a balance of all the beautiful interior styles for our house. Japandi is already a combination of two interior design styles: the Japanese and Scandinavian style. Both are reflected in our interior, but the sleek black elements also give our house a hotel chic touch. Therefore, I call it Japandi chic, even if this is just a self-invented style.

What are your styling tips for a Japandi interior?

The most important thing is calmness. No knick-knacks or items that just don’t fit with the rest of the interior. In other words: less is more! Rather choose a few big statement items than lots of small things. In addition, the use of organic shapes and natural colors and materials characterize the Japandi style.

What’s really a don’t for you in terms of interior design?

A don’t for me is to think small. When you start planning an interior, it is all about the full picture. Don’t think that your whole living room has a different style with one new vase. Everything is important, from the floors to the wall colors. A vase that is too small, a rug that is too small, a lamp that is too small: those are really no-go’s. It may seem “safe” to buy a smaller version of something, but I really prefer a few large items over lots of knick knacks! I often say go big or go home.

Oh, and white walls! You have to be very good at styling for that to work. A soft beige or grey is always good, but don’t be afraid to go for a more expressive color or wallpaper. Walls are relatively such a large area that we look at, and determine a lot of the atmosphere.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everything I see! Buildings that I see on holidays, the nature, Pinterest and other Instagram accounts. For the Japandi style I recommend the following accounts: @fiona_interieur@styleandsugar@washplate@zinaterazina @homebyfell @maisondemanon @huisvanselina@charisathome and @casa.kanso

Follow @cynterior_designs on Instagram to see more of her beautiful home and Japandi chic style.

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