How to decorate your home like a pro: tips from @lieks_home

From colorful decorations to wallpaper with prints: Angelique’s interior has it all! When looking at her Instagram account @lieks_home, you can see that she’s a real expert in decorating. Her kitchen shelves are styled in a playful way with cups, vases, and plates. Creative and practical! Also, the different closets and side tables are decorated with the cutest items. In this Interior Interview Angelique shares decoration tips and trends, so you can also decorate your home like a pro.

What is the story behind your account?

Seven years ago I found out that Instagram existed. I created an account and I discovered beautiful interior photos. My passion for interior design has always been there. As a child, I regularly changed my bedroom. Those interior photos on Instagram inspired me to also take interior photos of my apartment at the time. Over the years my hobby has gotten a bit out of hand, of which I am ultimately very proud!

How would you describe your interior style?

I always find that a very difficult question. I don’t know if there is a name for my interior style, but I like colors, wallpaper with a print, and a modern look with a touch of vintage.

Super fun how you decorate shelves, cabinets, etc.! What’s your decoration tip?

I always make groups with accessories and I work with different heights and books. Therefore, my tip is to group your accessories and create corners with them.

How do you find the right decorations?

I always carefully select my decorations. For example, if I have already added a vase 100 times to my shopping cart on a webshop and did not place an order, I know that this is my dream vase. Eventually I order the vase. I regularly make a mood board to see if it all fits together nicely. Instagram is my source of inspiration to find the right and most beautiful decorations.

Which decoration trends have you spotted?

At the moment the wooden wall panels are very hip. Also, flower lamps are a trend. I really like these lamps. They have a playful shape and the material is so beautiful. Besides that, I’ve seen candles in all kinds of shapes and colors. The Japandi living style is also really a trend (check out the Ivyosa Instagram post about the style).

Where do you find interior inspiration?

I have a subscription to the vtwonen magazine. I can really browse through the magazine for hours. Also, I regularly visit the Kwantum, Karwei and Jysk to see what the trends are and to get inspired.

Furthermore, I can spend hours on Instagram looking for interior inspiration. I love @prchtg’s Instagram account and their beautiful items. Some more accounts that I find inspiring are: @rapsodia_w, @wunderblumen, @missjettle, @miss_terieur, @okermint, @marloes_stoop_, @huisje.aanhet.water, @huisjeboompjeliefde.

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