Mixing vintage and new home decor: tips from expert Wilma @wonenopnummer11

Wilma from @wonenopnummer11 is an expert in terms of mixing vintage with new home decor. When looking at her interior it’s almost difficult to see what’s old and what’s new. That shows that the items were perfectly combined! For example, her living room has a new couch combined with vintage cabinets and side tables. In this Interior Interview, Wilma shares how you can combine vintage with new without it looking old-fashioned, and how to find the best vintage items.

What is the story behind your account?

I’ve always had a passion for interior design. Four years ago we moved to this beautiful house and that made my passion grow even more. That also resulted in a desire to share it with other people. I think Instagram is such a special medium to inspire each other through photos, together with other interior enthusiasts. I get so much inspiration from it as well.

The mix of new with vintage at your home is super nice! What are your tips for others who would also like to add more vintage to their home?

I think it’s the most beautiful mix. For example, the old notary’s cabinet that I bought a while back in a store gives so much atmosphere to the new items. Tip: you can sometimes find beautiful items through Marktplaats or thrift stores. I really make sure that old is mixed with new, so it won’t look old-fashioned.

How do you ensure a nice combination of new with vintage?

I explained this a bit in my previous answer: too much vintage can sometimes become old-fashioned (although some people are very good at buying everything vintage). I think it’s because of the combination of old and new that you get a more exciting look.

What do you look for when buying vintage furniture and decorations?

I often choose based on my feelings. Sometimes it’s about ease of use, sometimes about color. Recently I bought a beautiful pink glass bowl at a flea market. If the items are really expensive: check whether the item is genuine (often it contains a sticker on the bottom, for example with furniture), reflect on the price and do not pay too much. Besides that, it sometimes pays off to paint or reupholster certain items.

Where do you often find good vintage items?

Marktplaats, flea markets, thrift shops, and second-hand shops. I check Instagram for inspiration, but there are also many providers.

What gives you inspiration?

I read a lot of magazines, I love that. I also follow people on Instagram who share inspiration, e.g. @mariegon or @stijlcast who makes a beautiful podcast with people from the interior world. Other accounts that inspire me are (I’m probably forgetting many). @theobertpot, @sophieenvic, @r.a.u.f.a.s.e.r.b.e.r.l.i.n. @sumeyya.ata, and @deensezomer. In addition, I follow many interior stylists and photographers.

My taste is quite diverse. I think my bathroom is a good example of the mix of vintage and new. There is a vintage display cabinet. By adding these you immediately make it very personal and it gets a lot of atmosphere next to the other items.

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