Renovating a home in and outside Amsterdam: Monica’s experience

Monica from @amsterdamshuis knows all about renovating a home. She already renovated her current apartment in Amsterdam, and now started renovating her new home outside the city. Her interior style is a combination of modern and classic, with a lot of neutrals. This results in a very calm, but cozy vibe. In this Interior Interview she shares tips on how to create such an atmosphere. Also read further if you’re interested in renovating a home, because Monica shares her learnings and advice.

What’s the story behind your account?

I started my account when we bought our house in Amsterdam. I thought it would be nice to share with everyone the process of the renovation and the decision-making. In the end, the account became bigger than I thought and I also got a lot of inspiration from it myself.

Wooden kitchen with black bar stools, plant in golden pot on counter, black tap. Black stove with black extractor hood.

Your interior has a very calm, but also cozy atmosphere. What is your advice to create that?

My advice is to use warm colors and materials. To feel cozy, a room doesn’t have to be packed with furniture and decorations. In addition, we have made the kitchen the heart of the house, which, thanks to the large island, becomes a cozy place where you can have breakfast, drinks, and dinner.

Your apartment also has a beautiful mix of old and new elements! What is your tip for combining old and new?

Actually, just go for it! I think old and new make each other more beautiful. Make both of them appear in several places in your interior. Although old and new sometimes differ in style, they often fit together nicely. What also helps is to use the same color tones to ensure unity.

Unrenovated living room with basic floor and black fireplace. Large windows from ceiling to floor with white window frames. Living room with light beige couch. Coffee table with wooden top and black frame. Mirror on fireplace. Wooden kitchen with black bar stools.

It’s amazing that you renovated your current apartment and will renovate your new home as well! What would you recommend to others who would also like to renovate a place?

You can do much more yourself than you think! For example, tiling a wall is really not that difficult, as long as you are well prepared. Always keep in mind that with a major renovation, the planning always runs differently and that you will have some setbacks. As long as you take this into account, it can only be easy. Now that we are going to renovate again, I would think about some things a little longer. As a result, new ideas often come to light, which makes the place more beautiful or unique.

I see you’re moving out of the city. What will you miss about Amsterdam? And what are your favorite interior design shops in the city?

I will definitely miss that there is something to do every day of the week and that you are in a nice place with a few minutes walk. At the same time, I continue to live close to the city, so if I really miss it, I’ll be there in no time!

Nowadays I shop a lot online, but my favorite interior design stores in the city are Sissy Boy, Casa Gitane, and Anna + Nina. For vintage furniture, you can go to Van Dijk en Ko.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I actually get inspiration from everywhere; Pinterest, Instagram accounts (@charisathome, @interior.canalhouse, @huizejolie, and @enstijl) but also restaurants, such as Republiek Bloemendaal.

Brick stone house with black front door. White window frames with black inner frames. Terrace with sun umbrella, wooden chair with woven seat area. Wooden outdoor sofa with green pillows. Ceramic pot with plant.

Follow @amsterdamshuis on Instagram to see how Monica renovates her new home (displayed in the left image above).

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