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Do you also love the way the beds in luxury hotels are styled? From perfectly arranged pillows to soft sheets: a hotel bed has that luxury feeling. What if you could have that at home as well? In this Interior Interview, Manuelle from shares how you can make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel. With her hotel chic style at home, she knows exactly what to add to an interior for that luxury feeling.

What’s the story behind your account?

In September I moved into my house, and in October I created this account as a hobby. Pretty soon many people started to like my content, which I didn’t expect. Since I also enjoyed sharing the content, I continued with it. That developed into a strong passion for interior design. In addition, I like to portray something as beautiful as possible, and to get new ideas for the content I post.

Living room with black round coffee tables, glass hanging lamps

According to your bio, your interior style is called ‘hotel chic’. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

I love rooms that have a warm and chic look, and that at the same time have a feeling of serenity. I try to apply this in my interior as much as possible, for example with soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet and bouclé. Besides that, I am a fan of handmade items. I have several handmade accessories made of natural materials, such as beads and shells. In addition, I have some eye-catchers at home, such as the woven art piece and the floor lamp. Such items give that unique touch to an interior.

What are your tips to create a hotel chic feeling at home?

Make sure you have a calm base. For the walls, both soft sand tones and dark tones work. At my home, all the walls downstairs have a sand color and the walls in my bedroom are dark grey. Do you want to add that extra touch? Then choose a beautiful wallpaper. It is important that the wallpaper attracts attention, but the design should not be too much. For example, you can choose a wallpaper with a pattern that consists of one color. Combine that with black accents by painting the doors and frames black. I have also opted for black blinds and oak furniture. The upholstered furniture is in a neutral shade. To finish it off, add beautiful accessories and if you like, bring some gold into the interior. With silk bouquets I add a little more color to the house. If you want more color, you add that by using colorful cushions on the sofa or an armchair.

Bedroom like a luxury hotel with pillows and satin bedspread

Your bedroom looks like one from a luxury hotel! How do you create that look?

Thank you! In order to achieve that you should first choose the duvet cover and match it with a fitted sheet in the same color. After that, you put a nice bedspread on top of the bedding. I personally like velvet bedspreads with a pattern woven into it. To finish it off, put some pillows on the bed starting from largest to smallest. A calm look is created when the bedspread and the cushions also match in terms of color.

Did you get inspiration from hotels?

To be honest I didn’t get any inspiration from hotels. First I just started looking at furniture online to get an idea of ​​what I liked. I also looked for ideas on Pinterest. Then I made a mood board to get a total picture. This doesn’t mean that it has to turn out exactly as planned. In the meantime, things came up which changed the end result. Interior styling is a process and the plan can always be adjusted.

What else gives you inspiration for your interior?

I get inspiration in different ways. For example, I like to visit furniture stores. I also get inspiration from magazines, such as Stijlvol Wonen. The style of Eric Kuster really inspires me as well, therefore I have his coffee table book. When I created my account, I came across more and more cool interior Instagram accounts. Some I like to follow are @tjk.interior and @maku.interior. Not only do they have a beautiful interior, but they also make the most beautiful designs that inspire me a lot.

Black dressoir with golden handles, lamp with circle standard, bouquet, black dining table with flowers and glass ceiling lamps

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