Keep your home organized with tips from @maartjerosalie

This Interior Interview is with Maartje-Rosalie. She’s a teacher, text editor and mom of two kids. I fell in love with her interior, especially her marble bathroom! When you look at @maartjerosalie‘s page, her home always looks very tidy. This is not only because of the light colors in her interior, but also because she knows how to organize. Read further to find out her tips, so you can easily keep your home organized too.

How did you start your account?

Almost three years ago we moved into our self-designed (with a little help) home. I already had an Instagram account at the time, but it was private and mainly about my children and my life, not about interior design. Since a lot happened in our house in a short time, I took some pictures of the progress. From then on it went fast, because I received a lot of cool reactions and people were sharing my content. That was, and still is, a huge honour. It’s so kind!

What’s your interior style?

Lots of neutral colours and light wood. I think it can be categorized as Scandinavian. A peaceful interior means peace in my head.

Your home always looks very tidy! What are your tips to keep it organized?

I may go a little overboard, but I really like a tidy house. The kids should be able to play, really, but I hardly ever go to sleep until everything is done. I personally don’t think I’m going too far, but my husband might! At least he doesn’t have to clean up. But you asked for tips! For toys: buy large, high plastic bins with lids for toys at IKEA. Besides that, ask yourself whether you really need certain items. No? Give it away or when in doubt, keep it and if you haven’t used it for a year, give it away.

The wallpaper in the bedrooms is really beautiful! What’s your advice to choose the right wallpaper?

What I like about Saar’s bedroom is that it has a niche. Why not extend the wallpaper in there? In that way, you create more unity. Furthermore, one wall per bedroom breaks the room a bit. It becomes less boring, something happens! That does not mean that you have to make an enormously colorful ensemble. There are many beautiful, but also calm wallpapers. Follow your feeling. Do you think it is beautiful after a while? Go for it!

What inspires you?

Interior has really become a hobby of mine! I get inspiration from magazines, beautiful interior stores, and other Instagram accounts, such as @lauriane.bueb,, @madebymowie, @anoukyve and @ellens_interior.

Did you get inspired by Maartje-Rosalie’s styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @maartjerosalie for more inspiration.

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