Living in Lisbon with @third_floor_left: how to make your house feel like home

Marikken from @third_floor_left lives in sunny Lisbon! She’s originally from Norway, but moved to the city some years ago and renovated an apartment there. That resulted in a beautiful, calm and cozy home. In this Interior Interview, she shares her tips on how you can make your house feel like home, even when living abroad.

How did you start your account?

I initially started an interior account during lockdown just after we had moved into this apartment. I had a lot of time on my hands as everything was closed down, and interior design is something that I’ve always been interested in. Unfortunately, that account got deactivated. As I enjoyed being part of such a nice community, I decided to start over again with a new account, which is my current one @third_floor_left.

Entrance and living room with blanket on couch and candles on table

What did you do to make your apartment feel like home while being away from your home country?

I’m a homebody and spend much of my time at home. It has therefore been important for me to create a home where I feel calm and relaxed.

Creating a space that feels like a home is a process that takes time. We haven’t rushed into any decisions, but have taken the time to figure out what works for us and for the space itself. We’ve added a personal touch to the apartment, both through changing some of the finishes, and incorporating things that have been collected over time, which have a special meaning to us or bring back a good memory.

Many corners in our home are still unfinished, but to me a home is something that continues evolving along with our experiences. It’s completely ok if a new home is not done the first week you live in it. While you figure out what to do with the space, don’t underestimate the effect of small details such as soft textiles, fresh flowers and candles. They have such a big impact, and immediately create a feeling of home. 

Modern bathroom

Your bathroom looks so calm and clean! What’s your advice for others to create such a nice bathroom?

In our home in general we aim to use elements that will last the test of time. In a bathroom I think this is particularly important, as it’s a room you usually don’t want to redo every other year. 

When renovating our bathroom, we wanted to create a calm space that was in line with the architecture of the building and felt modern at the same time. It was also important for us that the bathroom was in harmony with the other rooms of our apartment. The cast iron bathtub added that classic touch, and is from the same period as the building itself. To complement the rest of our home we chose black faucets, furniture in oak and white-painted walls, as these are finishes that run through many of the other rooms in our apartment.

My best advice is to think about what you like, rather than following the latest trends. I also recommend to see and feel the materials, and play around with them to find your favorite combination. Choose natural materials, such as stone and wood, as they usually age well.

Cozy bedroom

Your interior is in general very calm and has the same style across the rooms. What’s your tip to achieve this harmony?

We tried to keep a common theme, that runs throughout our home to create harmony and tie the rooms together. A way to achieve this is to use some common elements, such as the same colors, materials or shapes, in the different rooms. In our home every room features a similar neutral color palette consisting of white, light grey and beige, and with a few black accents. Light colored wood is also a material that runs through all the rooms in our home.

What inspires you?

I can find inspiration in everything from travels, books and magazines to a walk through the city. Of course I also find much of my inspiration on social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram are @scandinavian.interior, @seventeenandfive, @helen_wizemann and @thesefourwallsblog.

Got inspired by Marikken’s styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @third_floor_left for more inspiration.

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