Give your interior a chic look with the easy tips from @dailydoseofgoldie

Wies from @dailydoseofgoldie lives in a “pakhuis” (townhouse) from 1895. She maintained the royal-chic interior style of the house and combined it with modern elements. For example, the wall in the dining room with beautiful ornaments was painted pink and the four-poster bed is covered with velvet pillows and transparent curtains for a contemporary look. You instantly feel like a queen when looking at Wies’ interior. Do you also want to give your interior a chic look? Read further for the recommendations from Wies.

How would you describe your style?

That’s a difficult question, because I have a mix of styles. I think it is a combination of romantic, vintage, and classic.

Chic living room with yellow brown couch with velvet pillows

Your home has a very chic look! What are your tips to create that?

Make use of rich materials. For example, I made extensive use of brass, velvet fabrics, rich and warm colours, beautiful cushion fabrics and a chic and classic piece of art.

To give an instant upgrade to an interior, which items or materials do you recommend?

I am a fan of velvet and brass. This immediately gives your home such a chic look. I also like to use lots of candles, cozy lights and a warm deep-pile rug completes the cozy look.

Dark brown kitchen, dining room with blue chairs and flowers on table

I’ve also spotted a lot of flowers in your interior. I’m a flower fan too! What are your tips to keep them good for longer?

Over the years I have collected quite a few tips to keep your flowers good for a long time. The most important is to replace the water after 2-3 days, cut the stems at an angle again and ensure a clean vase. That makes them really last longer!

What inspires you?

Pinterest is really my great friend, I can scroll and dream about the interiors for hours. I am also a fan of looking around Funda and checking out beautiful interiors there. In addition, I have a subscription to the VTwonen and I follow the following accounts with great pleasure: @velvetkleurenvintage, @thuis.bij.eef,, @caitlindevisser, @interiorjunkie en @theobert_pot.

Sofa chair with pink pilow, dark wooden sideboard with flowers and candles

Got inspired by Wies’ styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @dailydoseofgoldie for more inspiration.

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Ivyosa candle with white rose

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