Trending interior style: colorful Scandinavian by @huisje.uit.het.noorden

Bernadette’s interior style can be described as colorful Scandinavian. It’s a trendy interior style that is becoming more and more popular. The style consists of soft pastel colors and materials of the original Scandinavian style. That is given a new touch with some brighter colors and special prints. Bernadette shares on her Instagram account @huisje.uit.het.noorden the most trendy items that suit this style. Read further to find out more about her interior and advice.

How did you start with your account?

I started my account after the renovation of our home. Because of that, I was looking for inspiration for our interior and got the idea to share my inspiration.

What’s your style?

I really like the Scandinavian interior style, but mostly the direction with colors. New nordic is the closest to that style I would say.

I really like your wishlist posts on your Instagram profile! How do you find nice home decor items?

Other interior accounts have the most beautiful items. Besides that, I usually check different webshops when they have new products, to see if anything nice became available.

How do you choose what suits your interior?

Choosing the right items is always difficult. There’s so much choice! In general, I try to stick to my own color palette and my Scandinavian style. If it doesn’t fit with those two, it’s a no-go.

The Ivyosa candle perfectly fits your interior style! How would you style the candle?

Black totally fits the colors of my interior. It serves as a base. Therefore, the candle could be placed in different spots. It would look the best on the dining table next to a good-looking vase or in my new toilet.

Which accounts do you find inspiring?

I think many accounts are very cool. If I really have to choose I would say my favourites are @scandinavische_disco@fay.vourites, and @interideurtje.

Got inspired by Bernadette’s styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @huisje.uit.het.noorden for more inspiration.

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