Make your home look like it was styled by an interior designer: tips from @loesinterieurdesign

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration, and more. In this edition, I interview Marloes from @loesinterieurdesign. She’s an interior designer, which you can definitely tell from her home. Marloes’ home is perfectly styled with earth tones combined with touches of pink and orange. All the items fit very well together, and because of the different materials and shapes it still looks very cozy and personal. Find out Marloes’ secret styling tips to also make your home look like it was styled by an interior designer.

What do you do exactly and how did you start with it?

I am an interior advisor, stylist, or designer — everyone calls it differently! I give advice on color, layout, material, furniture, and accessories. From simple advice to the complete picture, everything is possible! I always had the ambition to start something for myself. I thought it would be so much fun to use my creativity in that, so I started in 2018 together with a friend with the business name Roes. At that time, I was still studying Spatial Design and I thought: I have nothing to lose! After one year I decided to continue on my own, because I wanted to give that a try. It has now grown into Loes interior design.

Living room with couch with pillows, table with glass hanging lamps and a rug with abstract art on the background

As an interior designer, what are your secret tips for interior styling?

Always start with selecting a color palette. After that, choose the large items like floor, walls, curtains, and furniture. Only from there you can start with the styling. Did you select earth tones? Bring these colours back in the accessories, such as vases, pillows and candles. In this way, unity is created. In addition, grouping items is also a good tip. You can create a nice corners with for example a vase, lamp and candle. Many people put everything together, without looking at height, material and color. Instead, match for example a glass vase with a ceramic lamp and a marble candle holder. Height is also very important. If everything is the same height, you cannot make a good-looking group. Keep the triangle composition in mind: the highest item in the middle and the lower items next to it.

Do you also use certain rules or theory of interior styling or do you often follow your feeling?

Yes, I consciously and unconsciously use rules. What I said about the triangle composition is a rule I often apply with accessories. In addition, you naturally take into account the lightning and usage of colour. Do you live up north? Then the light is more grey or blue, so to compensate you should choose warmer colours like yellow. I also base a lot of decisions on my feeling and by listening to my customers and their wishes. Therefore, there is certainly theory involved in interior design, but I think you also need to have sense of style.

Kitchen with white frame and black handles

How do you start furnishing an interior?

I always make a mood board for clients. I do this to sense whether we’re on the same page in terms of the interior style. Some people say; I like modern, but as soon as you show them a modern mood board, it’s not what they meant at all. In addition, ideas come up when looking at the mood boards, which I can easily work out and visualise later.

Which trends have you spotted lately?

Lots of round and organic shapes, soft fabrics such as bouclé, cloud couches, lamps made of fabrics like cotton and linen, and ceramics. In addition, I also see that natural tones are now combined with green.

Bathroom with marble tiles, couch with pillows and lamp with orange top

Where do you get inspiration from?

From a lot of things! I often look for inspiration on Pinterest and of course follow many interior accounts. I really like the style of @styleandsugar, but @tanjavanhoogdalem is also very inspiring. Walking through home decor stores always gives me a lot of ideas as well.

Got inspired by Marloes’ styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @loesinterieurdesign for more inspiration.

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