How to create a cozy living room: @huisje.falurod’s tips

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration, and more. In this edition, I interview Claudia from @huisje.falurod. Her home is pretty in pink! Especially the living room is a real eye-catcher: very colorful and cozy. Below she shares her tips on how you can also create a stylish, but cozy living room.

What’s the story behind your account? 

I’ve always loved taking pictures. I get inspired everywhere. Previously I had a vintage sale account, but I was going to close that. However, I really liked being in touch with people on Instagram, so I decided to switch to an interior account. In that way, I could keep the contacts and do what I like: taking pictures! 

Your living room is so cozy! What are your tips for a cozy living room? 

Our living room is not that big. Cramming the room is not a good idea, but leaving it too empty is also not very cozy. My tip would be: go for items in different sizes. Place them in your living room and shift them around to see where they fit best. Make sure that it looks spacious but cozy. I like to combine colors with calm shades. In terms of accessories I like to have items with a story. For example, every holiday I buy something for the house. 

Love your colorful wall! How did you pick the right color? 

To be honest I think that picking the right wall color is very difficult! I wanted a wall with a shade of pink, but not so pink that my boyfriend wouldn’t feel at home with it. After a while, I found this wall color on someone’s Instagram. I searched for the color as a hashtag to see what the color looks like on different pictures. It really appealed to me, so then I took the decision. 

Cozy living room

How do you make everything fit so well together? 

That’s a very nice compliment! Already for a while I had the tendency to buy anything without really thinking about it. Now I think more about it, make a collage, or ask for advice.

Which accounts inspire you? 

First of all I really like following many different accounts. Because of their special style, a style that fits mine or simply because it’s a very nice person! Here are a few accounts that inspire me in terms of interior: 

@bloemmie_interior – click here for the interview
@pastelcrib – click here for the interview
@fayvourites – click here to see how she styled the Ivyosa candle

Bed room with pink vase and decorative poster with heart

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