Do’s and don’ts for interior styling by @pastelcrib

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, and more. In this edition, I interview Cilvya from @pastelcrib. As the name suggests, her interior contains a lot of pastel shades combined with popping bright colors. This combination really puts a smile on your face when looking at her Instagram feed! Read further to discover Cilvya’s do’s and don’ts to also add more happiness to your interior.

How did you start with your account? 

Before I created my account @pastelcrib, I was looking around on Instagram for interior inspiration. I had just bought an apartment in The Hague. Before that, I lived in a rental apartment in Utrecht and didn’t spend much money on my interior. I wasn’t really focussing on it as I wouldn’t live there for long anyway. Actually, everything was from the thrift shop or IKEA. Also, I didn’t really know my interior style, but what I did know was that I really liked colors. After the renovation, 3 years ago, I shared my first picture on my Instagram account @pastelcrib. At that time, there were already a lot of pastel colors in my home,  and therefore the name of the account. 

Colorful bedroom

What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to interior design? 

It might sound cliché, but I fully agree with what was said in the previous interviews: your home has to be a place where you can totally be yourself. A place that feels good. I would say that a “do” is to stay close to yourself and at the same time dare to experiment. I would’ve never thought that I would have something dark blue or red in my interior. However, through experimenting, I’ve noticed that these colors also fit really well with my style. 

These days it’s actually really trendy to buy from thrift shops. With some luck, you will find the most beautiful items. Because of that, another “do” for me is to mix and match old and new items. I also buy a lot of second-hand items, for example, from Marktplaats, Vinted, but also from very nice Instagram accounts that sell vintage. Recently I’ve also discovered the platform called Whoppah, where you can buy and sell vintage design furniture. 

The only “don’t” I would say is to not buy everything at the same time when you have a new home, especially when it comes to home decorations, those can wait. For example, I slightly regret the standing lamp that I got and I would’ve rather had a different sideboard. When we moved here I wanted everything to be complete. I’m just a bit impatient I guess! 

I love your colorful style! How do you make sure that everything still fits together? 

Thank you, that’s so nice to hear! Despite the fact that there’s a lot of color in my home, I find it important to have a calm look. For that reason, I consciously choose to have soft colors on the wall. That allows me to play with colorful home decor items without it becoming too much. Also, wood and color go very well together and result in a calm look. Besides that, I just buy what I like. I often think it will fit with something eventually, and as I mentioned previously, sometimes you just need to experiment.

What’s your tip for others who also want more color in their interior? 

I would say create a mood board consisting of interiors that appeal to you. For example, take images from Pinterest or if you have any saved posts on Instagram. Look for any connection between the colors and styles that you’ve selected. Choose a few that you like the most and start from there… besides that just go for it!

Which accounts do you follow for inspiration? 

I have a lot of favorite interior accounts, including interior styles that differ from mine. This is not the full list, but it’s some of the accounts that really inspire me when it comes to interior styling: @scandinavische_disco @okermint @deense_zomer @allthepeachesplease @mehr.von.mia @paintthetownpastel and @still_sunday.

Dining room and kitchen, colorful interior styling

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