Interior Interview: Anne-Fleur’s tips on how to make your home look more spacious and bright

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration, and more. In this edition, I interview Anne-Fleur from @anne-fleur1987_. She created a colourful interior while keeping it calm. The light and pastel colours create a lot of brightness and space in her home. Find below her story and tips on how to also make your home also look more spacious.

What’s the story behind your account?

A few years ago I started my account with pictures of my interior as well as private life. I was using Instagram sort of as an online photo diary. For 2 years I only post interior-related pictures and for a year I’m working on it more seriously. I do have a few conditions for myself; I only post things that I think are really beautiful. It’s a nice bonus if someone else likes it too! The pictures should also reflect reality. I enjoy looking back and being able to see how my taste in interior has changed.

What are your favourite interior accounts?

I have quite a few different favourites. The ladies of @prchtg are my number one. They know how to make anything look beautiful. Besides that I really enjoy following accounts: @femkeido, @stephanieot@marinskiheartmades@haydesign@muutodesign@kleine_zwaan, and @carlosinhuisdesign.

Your interior is very bright and spacious! What are your tips to make your home look more spacious?

I use light and neutral colours as a basis. With my partner, we choose furniture that we’ve already liked for a while and wouldn’t be easily tired of. To create space, I like go for one larger item or piece of furniture instead of multiple smaller items. The latter makes a space often look messy and less calm. The most important is to pick what you like and what feels right.

What’s your styling tip for decorating a closet or sideboard?

Choose items that make you happy. Sometimes someone else likes the layout of my closet, but when it makes me feel restless I rather change it again. My tip is to save up a bit more for an item that you really want, instead of buying cheaper accessories that you will want to get rid of sooner. Alternate the accessories that you have to keep the variation. Combine larger eye catchers with a few smaller items to keep the balance.

How do you combine different colours?

I like to go for a calm basis to which I can add colourful accessories. My favourite is and will always be pink! In autumn I often feel more like neutral shades while in the spring I usually prefer colourful shades. It’s quite easy to adapt to that by changing the smaller items.

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