Interior Interview: the latest interior trends and tips from Justine (@livingbyjus)

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration and more. This edition I interview Justine from @livingbyjus. Her interior is mostly black and white with a touch of pink here and there. Wood, gold and soft materials create a warm and calm feeling in her home. Below her tips on how to apply that to your own interior.

How did you get the idea to start an account about your interior?

I’ve always loved interior design, but also photography and art. Before my current account, I had another one called @madebyjus where I posted every now and then pictures of self-made abstract art. After our home renovations, I changed the name to the current name, @livingbyjus, and started to share images of our house and interior.

What are your favourite interior accounts?

That’s a difficult question! As I have many favourites. I especially like the diversity of the accounts that I follow. For example, I follow @clairzinteriordesign for beautiful and high-end makeovers and luxury interior advice, while I follow @homagine for her calm and Nordic home style. Also, @wolkom.home is definitely on my top list, amongst many others!

Which interior trends have you spotted recently?

I’m not so focussed on trends, but I’ve noticed a lot of acoustic wood panels, round and natural shapes and mouldings. The concrete look also still seems to be a trend! A specific style that I see more and more is “japandi”.

Which interior tips do you have for others who are less experienced with interior styling?

An interior is very personal. You live there, so it should really feel like home to you. What that means, differs for everyone. As I mentioned previously, I’m not so into the interior trends. Instead, I go for items that really fit with my family and our house. My advice is to stay close to yourself and follow what feels right in your interior. Another tip is to not buy too quickly and too much, and save instead for that one stunning and timeless item. In that way, you eventually create your own unique and personal interior!

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