Interior Interview: @keekshuis’ tips for combining colours in an interior

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration and more. This edition I interview Elske from @keekshuis. She is the expert in terms of combining different colours in an interior. You can see that in her beautiful home, which is full of colourful decorations and cozy corners!

How did you start with your account about your interior?

Almost one year ago I started with my account Keekshuis. I enjoy interior design and photography and love combining the two to express my creativity. I simply started by sharing pictures of our home. Since I really enjoyed it (and I still do!), I continued to post.

Where do you get inspiration from for your home?

Many things inspire me! I often notice some cool colour combinations. That can be anywhere: in clothing stores, home decor shops, in the streets, magazines or on Instagram.

Loving all those colours in your interior!
What’s your tip for combining colours in an interior?

My tip is to follow your intuition. An unexpected colour combination can be very beautiful. Besides that, I like it when an interior is balanced. There needs to be the right mix between warm and bright, soft and modern and so on. This balance can be created by combining different pieces of furniture, fabrics, and plain walls with prints. Also, add an eye-catcher to have some fun! Go for example for a special vase or colourful artwork.

Elske's dining room and fireplace, combining different colours in an interior

Do you make mood boards or what’s your approach when buying home decor?

I rarely make mood boards. Most of the time I buy something that I think looks good. In the end I always find a nice spot for it.

You have quite some candles! How would you style the ivyosa candle in your interior?

Yes I love candles! I always turn them on as soon as it gets dark. So cozy! I would put the ivyosa candle on my marble fireplace as I always have a group of candles there.

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More Interior Interviews will be posted here & on the @ivyosa.official account.

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Ivyosa candle with white rose

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