Interior Interview: Silvia’s (@bloemmie_interior) styling tips for beginners

For Interior Interviews, I interview the founders of the most beautiful interior accounts. I ask them about their story, interior styling tips, sources of inspiration and more. This edition I interview Silvia from @bloemmie_interior. Her style can be described as colourful Scandi. Her interior is minimalistic, but with a lot of pastel colours. Love it!

What’s the story behind your account?

I have always been very passionate about architecture and interior design. When I lived in Milan, I used to visit every year the Fuorisalone (Milan Design Week). In 2020, as everyone else, we started to spend more time at home. I thought it was the right moment to share my passion for interior design on Instagram, with the goal to inspire others and make their own home feel good and safe.

Interior with kitchen with pink wall, grey couch with striped pillow, flowers on coffee table and posters on the wall

What are your favourite interior Instagram accounts?

That’s a good question. I have many favourites, I’ll just name a few that have been my all time favourites: @maartjerosalie, @sophieenvic, @okermint, @studio_nicnol, @_lisebise,, @hethuismetduizendramen, @interideurtje, @emiliesanschichi, @b_binnen, @londogmussehuset, @hejhejliving, @huisje.aanhet.water and @everyve.

What gives you inspiration for your interior? (except Instagram)

I usually get inspired by the little things like sunlight, shadow and flowers. During travelling I also get very inspired by new architectures, colours, styles and the culture. I also love magazines, books and visiting interior shops.

Interior with bed with pink sheets, closet with white vase with flowers

Which interior styling tips do you have for beginners?

Follow your feelings. Most of the time they are right! Make mood boards, search for interior pictures and save what you like, so you can see more or less which style you are leaning towards. If you are on social media, I think the most important question you should ask yourself before you buy a new item is: “What if other people would not see it? Would I still buy it?”. We are often influenced by what other people like, but don’t forget that it’s your home, not other’s.

How do you make sure that everything fits well together?

As I mentioned before I love making mood boards and combining pictures of furniture and accessories to see how they would look together. I usually think a lot before I buy something new. I’m trying to make sustainable choices and buy less with instinct. Sometimes I visit an interior shop and I want to buy everything, but it’s also good to wait and see if that item stays on your mind and buy it later instead. That’s better than buying it right away and regretting it later!

Interior with shelf with glasses, white sideboard with /pink vases and posters on the wall

Got inspired by Silvia’s story and interior styling tips? Follow her on Instagram @bloemmie_interior

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