What are top, base and heart notes?

It’s not about music, it’s about scents! Read further below to learn more about top, base and heart notes.

Fragrance notes

Just like musical notes compose a song, fragrance notes create the total scent of a perfume or scented candle. Certain scents are typically used for each type of note.

Ivyosa candle with damask rose leaves

Top notes

When smelling an unlighted candle, you smell the top notes. These notes leave the first, but short impression, since they generally last for 5 to 15 minutes only. It’s common to use fresh, floral or fruity scents as top notes. Well-known examples of fresh notes are bergamot and lemon. For floral notes, jasmine and ylang ylang are often used. Fruity notes consist of different types. Blackberry has a rich, musky scent, while apple and strawberry notes create a sweet and juicy vibe.

Heart notes

While the top notes fade away, the heart notes become noticeable. As the name already suggests, the notes shape the heart of the fragrance. Because they make up the majority of the overall scent, they last longer: between 20 to 60 minutes. Mostly aromatic florals and herbs are used as heart notes in fragrances.

Base notes

The base notes shape the foundation of the fragrance. The scents are more rich and heavy, which makes them last the longest: up to 6 hours or more. After half an hour the scents already become noticeable and create the fragrance’s scent together with the heart notes. Heavier scents such as spices and wood are most common as base notes. Popular examples are vanilla, amber, musk, patchouli and cedarwood.

Ivyosa candle top, heart, base notes

The Ivyosa candle fragrance

What are the fragrance notes of the Rich Rose and Sandalwood candle? Subtle scents like damask rose and vanilla combined with woody notes create a calming, but luxurious feeling. The top and heart notes are the scents that you will notice first, which is a mix of fresh bergamot and lovely damask rose. While burning the candle the base notes create a relaxing scent of sandalwood with a sweet touch of vanilla. The scents last longer and are more sustainable since the perfumes are 100% natural.

Top notes

Bergamot, saffron and cloves

Heart notes

Damask rose, amber heart, leather and stellaria holostea

Base notes

Patchouli, sandalwood, guayacan wood, virginia cedar wood, peru balm, laudanum, vanilla, tonka bean and musk

Ivyosa candle with white rose

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